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Salt Switch flavours

Our SALT™ SWITCH disposable pod device liquid is selected by our team to provide a wide choice of 23 different flavours:

Salt Switch

SALT™ SWITCH disposable pod device is an innovation like no other.

We took it to the next level to provide the very best there could be. Imagine a device that doesn’t leak, doesn’t need to be charged or refilled and has an incredible 450 puffs!

Slick design, small size and soft-touch surface make Salt Switch products to stand out against vape pods made of plastic or bulky in size. Pod is very light(20gm) and could be easly carried in your pockets anywhere you go.

You no longer need to worry about running out of charge on  your  vape device or wait for e-liquid to arrive on time. Just enjoy 450 puffs it and dispose of vape pod afterwards.

We've made it easy to switch

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Useful features

Ready to use right out of the box. It’s as simple as that! Just take it out, inhale and that is it. That’s the revolutionary approach we are bringing to you.

Ergonomic mouthpiece as well as a small and comfortable weight and size – that’s the attention to detail and the overall ergonomics of the device for the typical everyday use you desire.

We’ve added a safety indicator on the bottom of the device. It lights up when you are inhaling and indicates when the device has run out of puffs by blinking.

Check out our product gallery below or proceed to our online shop to buy Salt Switch vape pods.

If you have questions about SALT SWITCH products or you want to become our partner please use contact us page

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