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SALT Nicotine pouches | Apple Frost Slim All White | 10 mg


SALT Apple Frost Slim All White is a product with a lot of flavour and a lot of feeling. There are rough notes of ripe Apple with a nice rounded ice frost effect to give you an unbelievable fresh feel. Remember that nice cool morning, yes that’s it! There is a nice touch of sweetness in the background accompanied with some frost. The best part is that all of this is offered to you without any trace of tobacco! Amazingly enough, you’d never know. This product is as authentic as it gets, and who doesn’t love Coffee?

When a product is truly tasty, naturally, you wish for a long flavor release which is exactly what you get with these all-white pouches. The Apple Frost character will make you feel fresh and clean all day! Slim products have become incredibly popular because no matter where you go, and who you meet, no one could ever guess you are a snuser. There are times, perhaps, where you don’t want your love for snus visible for everyone to see.

This product is a pure delight, as are all of Nord Snus products, so why not try all of them while you’re at it? Enjoy!

Buy with confidence as we are an official Salt nicotine pouches distributor in the UK!

SALT Nicotine pouches | Apple Frost Slim All White | 10 mg

SKU: 5745000201136
    • Product: Nicotine Pouches Tobacco-Free
    • Strength: 10 mg/g
    • Nicotine level: Light
    • Snus pod size: 70mm / 23.5mm 
    • Weight: 28gr
    • Doses: 20 pouches
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