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Referral rewards

An existing customer is rewarded for referring new customers to our online store.
The existing customer gets their reward once the friend makes their first order. Learn more about referrals from a customer perspective.

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you need to share the link with other people, and subsequently for each purchase made by a new client who came from you, you will receive a reward.

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No minimum purchase amount

£20 Minimum purchase amount

When your friend clicks on the URL, he should see a prompt for him to enter his email address. When your friend enters his email address, the 'Friend' reward will be sent to him via email.

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Your friend enters his email

Loyalties banner 5.png

He will see this message

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The message

Next, your friend must register, verify his age, and make one purchase for any amount from his new account created through a referral link.

Once all actions are completed, you will receive your reward in the form of £5.50 off any purchase over £22.

Earn points

You have several ways to earn points. The main way is to earn points for placing an order on the site. Learn more about how to earn points.

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Redeem points

This menu contains the rewards that you can redeem for the points you’ve earned. Learn more about how to redeem points.

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£20 Minimum purchase amount

£40 Minimum purchase amount

No minimum purchase amount

£60 Minimum purchase amount

No minimum purchase amount

No minimum purchase amount

In this menu, you will need to choose a way to exchange points for a discount. There are two types of coupons:
- Discount set in %
- Discount set in pounds

Loyalties banner 11.png

This button means that you have enough points to use the opportunity to receive a coupon in exchange for points.

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