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Salt Switch UK and b2b options we are offering

We are looking for both wholesalers and retailers in UK who would be interested in offering our disposable Salt Switch vape pods to their customers. We are opened to partnership with both online and physical businesses. For business that are ready to buy large stock quantities from us we will always be in position to offer progressive discounted pricing model. Please get in touch with us  to get latest prices.

Salt Switch not only have flashy design and very detailed ergonomics of their disposable vape pods, but also after investing significant amount of time, designed and created very appealing packaging, commercial stands and counter top units that primarily needed in retail shops.

Salt Switch created very bright and colourful counter top stands that are small in size and could be used as standalone displays or be used together with salt switch vape pods boxes that fit together nicely. 

Salt Switch disposable vape pods are supplied in individual box packages that contain 10 units of one flavour. Each of these boxes have tear away area that after removal converts Salt Switch package into small counter top display. We are always working on modernising packaging and stands for our products to offer best possible value to our retail customers.


We supply all our retail business partners with stands, fliers, leaflets and other accessories to help them reach higher sales numbers

Salt Switch supplied stands and package boxes converted to counter top displays
Salt Switch supplied recycle boxes
Salt Switch supplied double sided leaflets and flyers
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